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Blog - Travis Broome

Enjoy Your Classroom Again

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Don’t Be That Person!

As teachers begin preparing for another school year, I thought I’d share a breakthrough a client of mine had last year. They came to me to help address what they felt were negative relationships they had built with their coworkers.  The main issue was that they could not for the life of them figure out

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Being An Agent Of Change

Like so many other people, I have found myself at a loss when seeing and thinking about all the unrest that is happening in our country right now.  The same question keeps repeating itself in my mind…what can I do? I’ve reached out to friends who may have had more experience facing discrimination and have

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Your Role in the Digital Classroom

As many educators continue to adapt to a digital format, the increase of frustrations keep building.  Things I’ve heard from my clients include… I’m not made for online teaching, I want to be in front of the kids I can barely open an email, let alone post videos and assignments online The system my district

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